Aigest projects is the technical legal division Aigest Group, offers integrated architecture and engineering, assuming the commitment to advise and accompany clients to succeed in their projects.

Its management team is composed of technicians with over 25 years experience in drafting and construction management projects and over 15 years serving Project Management and Works with performances in most of the provinces of Spain.


Building projects, urban planning, studies and plans health and safety, quality control, measurement, reporting.

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Industrial building projects, installations, low voltage, certifications and reports, municipal operating licenses, environmental, safety and health, gas, etc...

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Project management and construction

Aigest Projects develops all processes Consulting, Planning, Management, Control and Project Management to meet the needs of its customers.

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Why Aigest?

ONLY Questioner:

One company responds to the different phases comprising the realization of a project control and project management, construction management, planing control, budget control, execution control, sales, marketing, etc.


Their projects are aimed at all times, by certified technicians with extensive experience in the sector.


Lets analyze the costs of a project at early stages of design, manage the changes necessary to adjust costs to the budget and established qualities.


Optimization in the procurement of works and monitoring thereof, improving the relationship with external agents, increasing the final product quality.


With Project Management and Works Projects Aigest works really just do not get shots, lack of documentation, certificates, newsletters, etc.


Aigest Projects are totally involved in their projects, becoming their eyes and hands, knowing your money and treat their customers as if they were their own.

Aigest Projects offers a wide range of both technical and management services, and is its ability to integrate and maintain a unique dialogue with the client making it ideal for managing all types of projects company.

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